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First RS Cty House 006.jpg

1st Log Cabin

Luray, Kansas

Between Paradise and The Garden of Eden


Bowl Plaza

Lucas, Kansas

2nd Best Public Restroom in the USA

Visitors from every state and 70 countries have signed the guest book.

Bunker Hill Historical Society

Bunker Hill, Kansas

Community maintained history museum available for tours.


Deines Cultural Center

Russell, Kansas

Art collection of  E. Hubert Deines (1894-1967) as well as various works he collected during his lifetime.


Bob Dole

Russell, Kansas

Boyhood home of Bob Dole
to Robert J. Dole Courthouse Square


Dream Theater

Russell, Kansas

425 seat movie theater

Entertaining audiences since 1949!

Courthouse - Fossil Station - Train - 01

Fossil Station


Russell, Kansas

County jail and sheriffs office and living quarters. Built in 1907

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Garden of Eden

Lucas, Kansas

Guided tours are offered daily, March through October.


Gorham Park

Gorham, Kansas

Newly updated community park

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Granny Mae's

Pumpkin Patch

Dorrance, Kansas

Recreate those special memories from your childhood with family & friends.

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Grassroots Art Center

Lucas, Kansas

Unusual art by self taught artists from all over Kansas


Historical Museum

Dorrance, Kansas

Buggies, buckboards, and farm equiptment.


Limestone Water


Paradise, Kansas

Built in 1938 this water tower is 35' tall and holds 58,000 gallons of water.

Lucas Area Community Theater

Lucas, Kansas

Community owned theater in downtown Lucas, Kansas

Russell 028.jpg

Oil Patch Museum

Russell, Kansas

Showcases historical artifacts pertaining to finding and drilling for oil.


Russell County Veterans Memorial

Russell, Kansas

Veteran and POW Memorial built July 2007


Switchgrass Bike


Wilson Lake State Park

21.5 mile mountain bike trail that features spectacular scenery.

VFW Mural.jpg


Russell, Kansas & Lucas, Kansas

Hand painted murals in Russell County that showcase art and history.


Wilson Lake

"Clearest lake in Kansas"

Boating, skiing, wind surfing, fishing, hunting, biking, hiking, and more!